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Train Automation – Transport for London API

Now that I have a train schedule system and a way to remotely control the track switch, it’s time for automation! Goal Use schedule data to automatically switch train track Think Safety and “Do Not Disturb”   Technologies & Components Raspberry… Continue Reading →

Train Track Switch – Servos, LEDs, PubNub and

LEGO Train Track Switch The 8:45 express train is coming and we need somebody to switch the tracks quickly! If only we had a way of doing this remotely. (more on Lego and New Millennium Falcon LEGO) Goal: Remotely switch the train… Continue Reading →

Energy Saver – Motion Activation

Energy Saver Now that we have an energized city, the electricity bills are coming in. Let’s figure out a way to turn off the lights when we are not in the room. And also check out money saving expert energy to… Continue Reading →

Lego Train Automation – IR Power Functions with NodeJS and LIRC

Lego Train Automation This is a special post because it was the main driver for building this blog! I could not find any way to control the Lego infrared power functions using NodeJs. There are libraries available for Arduino sketches and… Continue Reading →

Elevator – Web API, Motor and Ultrasonic

  Elevator The IoL City Station has two levels and needs a way to transport people between the platforms. Let’s build an elevator! The basic idea is to use a motor to lift the elevator and a sensor to figure… Continue Reading →

Train Crossing – Sensor, Servo and LEDs

Train Crossing The train is coming and we need to protect our cars from getting in the way! Let’s detect if the train is coming and block the road with a train crossing signal. Goal: – Detect train, lower crossing arm… Continue Reading →

Traffic Signal – LED Sequence

Traffic Signal My Lego City is moving now! We are going to need more than a stop sign to keep the traffic in order. Let’s build a traffic light! Goal: – Build a traffic signal that sequences through the traffic lights…. Continue Reading →

City Lights – On/Off

A simple but powerful start to my Lego city. My minifigs like to work and play around the clock, so we need lighting. Goal: – Turn on and off the lights Challenges: – 12v LED lighting will require a transistor… Continue Reading →

Getting Started

Setting up the environment Before you can make things do interesting stuff, you need to setup your lab environment. I’ve chosen this collection of technologies based on my own skill set and the needs of various projects. Operating System: Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)… Continue Reading →

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