Here you can find all the IoL source code, references and other helpful items to get you working with IoT, JavaScript robotics and general LEGO fun.

It’s basically a brain dump of bookmarks and other hints to get started.

Internet of Lego

Source Code

  • GitHub
    • Complete IoL project and examples
  • Gist
    • Code snippets from various projects


  • Facebook Page
    • Updates on blog posts and tons of project pictures


Robotic Frameworks

    • A wonderful Node.js framework for working with GPIOs on a huge variety of devices.
  • Cylon.js
    • A Node.js robotics framework for controlling lots of devices easily.

IoT Messaging

  • REST
    • Representational State Transfer is ideal for easily interface with remote systems using a standard web URI
    • Arduino aREST library provides a simple way to interact with an Arduino or similar project.
    • Express with NodeJS is great library for making backend API solutions. This write-up by will get you started.
    • Use ngrok to easily expose web services on your computer (localhost) or “thing” without changing firewall rules. Amazing utility!
    • Use PostMan to easily interact with your REST API without coding. A life saver for API development.
  • Primus
    • web sockets NodeJS universal wrapper
  • MQTT
    • Publish/Subscribe messaging protocol
    • Arduino PubSubClient library provides a simple way to utilize MQTT
  • PubNub
    • Pub/Sub enterprise messaging service


  • NodeJS
    • Server side JavaScript which provides IO access…. This changes everything!
  • Node-Red
  • TheThingBox
    • A RaspberryPi image with Node-Red preconfigured. Very handy!
  • MicroPython
    • “MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3programming language that includes a small subset of the Python standard library and is optimised to run on microcontrollers and in constrained environments.”
  • Mongoose OS
    • Write in JavaScript and C++ on microcontollers. Integrates seamlessly with Amazon AWS.

Community Projects

  • NodeBots
    • An organization that uses JavaScript to program robots. Awesome!



System on a Chip

Micro computers that run an operating system such as Linux. These are great for running high level languages (NodeJS, Python, etc).

  • Raspberry Pi
    • The flagship credit-card sized dev computer
  • Beagle Bone Black
    • BeagleBone Black is a low-cost, community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists.


Small IC chips that run lower level code (C, C++, assembly) which are ideal for low power and repetative tasks.

  • Arduino
    • Open source hardware microcontroller
  • ESP8266
    • An inexpensive but powerful WiFi module for microcontrollers or use it as a standalone microcontroller
      • WeMos
        • Tiny ESP8266-12 dev chip with micro USB
      • NodeMCU
        • Small ESP826612-E dev chip with micro USB and custom firmware using Lua script



  • Fritzing
    • An open source hardware initiative for creating circuit diagrams.


A good start for finding DIY electronics (non-sponsored).



Recommended Reading