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Raspberry Pi / SoC

Projects using a System on a Chip (SoC) such as the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, C.H.I.P..

These systems typically run Linux or an optimized OS.

City Lights – Wiring and LEDs

  This post is all about the types of LEDs I’m using, wiring ideas and how I place them in the Lego city. Through trial and error, I’ve foundĀ some pretty good solutions. But it still takes a lot of work… Continue Reading →

City Lights – On/Off

A simple but powerful start to my Lego city. My minifigs like to work and play around the clock, so we need lighting. Goal: – Turn on and off the lights Challenges: – 12v LED lighting will require a transistor… Continue Reading →

Getting Started

Setting up the environment Before you can make thingsĀ do interesting stuff, you need to setup your lab environment. I’ve chosen this collection of technologies based on my own skill set and the needs of various projects. Operating System: Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)… Continue Reading →

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