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Projects using the Cisco Meraki products.

Meraki is a cloud managed networking and IT solution. Their products have several APIs that can provide IoT services or advanced management for computer networks.

Meraki Location – Updated Node-RED CMX/Scanning node!

The Cisco Meraki location services have been updated to support Bluetooth beacon detection. This makes it a great solution for asset tracking, way-finding and location aware services. As a result, I have updated the custom Node-RED Meraki CMX node to… Continue Reading →

Meraki Dashboard API – Create Admin Form with Node-RED

Overview This project¬†provides a demonstration of using the Meraki Dashboard API with Node-RED. It will display a simple web form to create a new admin account and send the details to Meraki using the API. This concept can also be… Continue Reading →

WiFi Location Fun with Cisco Meraki CMX & Node-RED

The IoL City would like to use their metropolitan free WiFi to better understand how the citizens move about the city. With this information, they can build smarter public¬†areas, provide analytics for local services and trigger other forms of IoT… Continue Reading →

WiFi Hotspot with Social OAuth – passport, mongodb

WiFi Hotspot with Social OAuth   The Brick & Tun would like to offer guest WiFi, but need to provide a convenient way of logging into the network. Since most people have social network accounts, let’s use their OAuth API… Continue Reading →

WiFi Hotspot – Cisco Meraki ExCap & NodeJS

The IoL citizens love to stay connected, but the cellular network is not delivering the coverage they need and data plans are expensive for the tourists. The local cafe, bed & breakfast has a solution, a WiFi hotspot! By using… Continue Reading →

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