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A collection of IoT and cloud projects. They are based on DIY or “Maker” electronics, such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino. These projects explore different ways of programming, building circuits and networking.

The theme revolves around the IoL City and its citizens to build a Smart City and demonstrate similar use cases.

“Pop o Shop” – Basketball Arcade Game

Some friends of mine love playing the arcade game called “Pop-a-Shot”. The object is to make as many baskets in a set amount of time as possible. You then get tickets or bragging rights based on your score. They asked… Continue Reading →

Meraki Location – Updated Node-RED CMX/Scanning node!

The Cisco Meraki location services have been updated to support Bluetooth beacon detection. This makes it a great solution for asset tracking, way-finding and location aware services. As a result, I have updated the custom Node-RED Meraki CMX node to… Continue Reading →

Meraki Dashboard API – Create Admin Form with Node-RED

Overview This project provides a demonstration of using the Meraki Dashboard API with Node-RED. It will display a simple web form to create a new admin account and send the details to Meraki using the API. This concept can also be… Continue Reading →

Billboard – ESPEasy & OLED Display

The IoL City has a local weather station but how do you broadcast the information for everybody to see? A digital billboard! This project uses a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED to collect weather data from my previous Weather Station project and… Continue Reading →

RFID Scanner – WeMos, RC522, Homie MQTT & Node-RED

  Overview RFID tags provide a simple and cost effective way to trigger an action. By either using a credit card sized tag or keychain fob, the Internet of LEGO city can respond in a number of ways. For instance,… Continue Reading →

Node-RED MQTT Dashboard Console

The Internet of LEGO city is generating a ton of MQTT messages! By using the MQTT Dashboard Console with Node-RED, I can now easily view all of these messages and publish new ones! Flow Download The “Store and shift msg” function… Continue Reading →

WiFi Location Fun with Cisco Meraki CMX & Node-RED

The IoL City would like to use their metropolitan free WiFi to better understand how the citizens move about the city and find out how they use their devices and computers for entertainment and work, since an internet connection is… Continue Reading →

Web Form with Node-RED, CSS/JS/HTML

Many of the Internet of LEGO projects rely on Node-RED for orchestration and client interactions. I found that building the backend services were pretty natural with the platform, but building a simple web page was a little more challenging. This… Continue Reading →

Palace Cinema – Wio Link, Addressable LEDs & Node-RED

Movie Night! The Palace Cinema has just opened up in IoL City! It needs spectacular lights for its grand premiere. Goal Use a Wio Link board to remotely control addressable LEDs for the cinema roof and marquee. Technologies Wio Link… Continue Reading →

LEGO Train Automation – WiFi controlled with NodeMCU (ESP8266)

The infrared remote controlled LEGO train is out of view, but it needs to be stopped! How can we control a train if you can’t see it? WiFi Goal Build a WiFi controlled LEGO Power Functions train. Technologies NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi… Continue Reading →

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